Stevie, at almost 14 years old is blind and deaf. He was very much loved by his previous owner, but due to circumstances regarding ill health, his elderly owner was unable to give Stevie the care and attention he needed, which resulted in him having to make the most heart-wrenching decision; to ask for help and to find Stevie a new home.

Situations like Stevie’s are so painfully sad for us all here at Jerry Green Dog Rescue, as we understand how devastating it is for the owner to ask for that help, but we are so glad they do, because that is what we are here for. Not only to care for the dog, but the owner too, to give them peace of mind that their beloved pet will be well cared for and that we will seek to find them a new, loving home to live.

Stevie settled into kennel life well. Despite being deaf and blind he is a spritely boy! He enjoyed going for a potter in the woods daily and going into our training barn to play with his enrichment puzzle toys. The staff loved him so much, and thoroughly enjoy spending time with him. Stevie received a lot of attention from members of the public offering a home for our special boy, and it wasn’t long before Stevie found his perfect match!

Stevie’s owner said – “We are over the moon with little Stevie. I am the career for my wife, who is disabled and for such a small dog he is a huge ray of sunshine for both of us, he really brightens up our days.  When he isn't snuggled with one of us or following me around, he likes to have a sleep in the kitchen and will happily take himself out into the garden to explore and have a sniff before coming back in for more sleeps and snuggles”

We truly believe that every dog deserves a loving home in which to live and are never deterred to accept dogs into our care that have any form of disability or medical requirements. We are very proud to be able to offer a safe environment to dogs in need in order to seek to help them find that second chance for their happily ever after!

We are so happy for you Stevie, our star!