Jerry Green Dog Rescue exists to provide a safe place for homeless dogs and to seek new loving places for them to live. We pioneer and provide the highest standards of welfare for the dogs in our care.

We're proud to say that a Jerry Green dog is always a Jerry Green dog and we are always ready to provide support and care for all our dogs throughout their lives. We are a family that shares and enjoys the good times with our dogs and their adopters, but we are also there in the sad times, which is often when our dogs and adopters need us most.

We articulate and campaign for the humane treatment of dogs everywhere.

This is what we promise

  • ­Every dog that enters a Jerry Green Dog Rescue Centre will receive the highest standard of care and welfare.
  • ­Our dogs will be found loving homes appropriate to their needs through high welfare Meet&Match® processes.
  • ­No dog will be put to sleep except when it is the only humane option.
  • ­We will retain the ownership of all our dogs and will recover them if their welfare is at risk.
  • ­We will support all our adopters and fosterers so they can always be confident the best advice and assistance is always available to them.


Jerry Green believed all dogs deserved a good life and a safe, loving home. Jerry Green Dog Rescue exists:

  • to relieve the suffering of dogs in need of care and attention and in particular to provide and maintain rescue homes or other facilities for the reception, care and treatment of such animals;
  • to promote humane behaviour towards dogs by providing appropriate care, protection, treatment and security for dogs in need of care and attention for reasons of sickness, maltreatment, poor circumstance or ill usage; and
  • to educate the public in matters pertaining to dog welfare in general and the prevention of cruelty and suffering among dogs.


When Jerry Green established our organisation back in 1961 he wanted to revolutionise the quality of life for rescue dogs in North Lincolnshire. He believed all dogs deserved a good life and a safe, loving home. 

But Jerry Green was not only interested in dogs locally. He wanted the good practices he established to influence other dog rescue centres and set up a charity that promoted more humane treatment of all dogs, opposed vivisection and would campaign and lead public education accordingly. More than 55 years on, we reiterate the values of Jerry Green, updating them to be suitable for our modern mission.

  1. We will raise public awareness of the benefits and responsibilities of giving a loving home to a dog.
  2. We will not allow our dogs to be used in activities that put their welfare, or the welfare of other animals, at risk. (This includes, but not exclusively, racing, fighting, hunting, shooting, circuses or other forms of public entertainment that involves unnatural dog behaviour).
  3. We do not support tail docking except when a medical necessity.
  4. No dog chooses to be born. Every puppy bred or farmed for profit means there is one home fewer for a dog awaiting adoption at our centres. Society has a duty to be responsible about the number of dogs bred and to limit numbers to those who can be properly homed and cared for. We will raise public awareness that thousands of dogs are in rescue centres whilst breeders continue to add to an already oversized dog population.
  5. We will raise public awareness of the welfare consequences of irresponsible breeding and puppy farms.
  6. We do not support the breeding of dogs with known genetic deformities.
  7. We will not participate in, or allow our dogs to participate in formal dog shows that involve breeds with known genetic deformities.
  8. We support the full implementation of the RSPCA roadmap to improve the genetics of pedigree breeding.
  9. We respect and continue to support Jerry Green’s antivivisection beliefs especially relating to the use of dogs in experimentation.
  10. We will not engage with, or invest in, organisations or individuals who compromise the welfare of animals or engage in activities contrary to these core principles.