Meet&Match® is Jerry Green Dog Rescue’s pioneering method of helping you find the perfect pooch!

Years of experience, backed by scientific research, have convinced us that the old-fashioned system of letting people walk around the kennels causes unnecessary stress to our dogs and negatively affects their behaviour. Our Meet&Match® system reduces stress and gives both dog and adopter the best chance of a happy and fulfilling relationship. 

If you are considering adopting a dog, please call or email us in the first instance to discuss how our Meet & Match process can work for you.

1. Who's available?

Step one is to take a look at the beautiful dogs currently at our centres, hoping to catch your eye. This will give you an idea of the kind of dogs we have available for adoption and will help you to further understand the type of dog that you are looking for. All of our dogs that are currently available for rehoming can be found here.

2. What are you looking for?

Come and meet us at one of our five rescue centres. You'll be able to talk to a member of our dog welfare team, who will be delighted to discuss the type of dog you are looking for, your lifestyle and your experience with dogs. This way we'll know we've all set out on the right paw.

3. First dates

Now we know a bit more about you, you'll get a chance to meet some of the dogs who match your requirements. Introductions take place away from the kennels; that way both you and the dog can focus on each other in a calm environment. You might be lucky and meet your perfect match on the first visit, but don’t worry if it takes longer – it's more important to take the time to be sure you've found your forever friend.

4. Taking it further

As you build a relationship with your new dog during Meet&Match® visits  at our centres, our rehoming team will advise you what steps are required before taking your dog home. Each dog and each home will have individual needs and we will work with you to find out what you and your new friend require to ensure a smooth transition in to your home. In some instances we may want to visit your home, however this is not always necessary and we will guide you through our processes.

Whilst  you are with us please  feel free  browse through our shop for items  you will  need for your new dog, of course our rehoming team can help you choose knowing your dog’s needs and personality,  that way your purchases will be happily received by your new canine friend!  

5. Making a commitment

When you're ready, we will ask you to sign our adoption forms and you and your new companion can start your new life together. But it doesn’t end there – our adoption policy means your dog will always be a Jerry Green dog. The rehoming team may visit you or provide support over the phone, as we share the same aim: everybody wants to make sure you and your new companion have a happy and settled life together!

All of our dogs that are currently available for rehoming can be found here.

Alternatively, you can contact one of our centres directly and they will be happy to speak to you about the dogs currently available at their centre.