We’ve revaluated our services in East Yorkshire and are thrilled to announce a new, innovative offering in the heart of the community. We’re bringing dog care support and rehoming services to the people who need it most in an easily accessible way.

We have temporarily closed our centre in Gilberdyke, merging traditional rehoming with North Lincolnshire’s, Broughton centre. This will enable our Community Support Manager, Lauren, to offer a range of services to support those across East Yorkshire including;

Home from home adoptions: If after making the heart-breaking decision to rehome your dog, you can’t bear the thought of them waiting for their new home in a kennel, Lauren can help with rehoming your dog straight from your care into the loving arms of their new family.

Cost-of-living support: Prices are rising at a staggering rate, including pet supplies such as dog food, flea and worming treatments, not to mention all the toys dogs seem to chew through! We are determined to keep families together through these tough times by offering items free of charge to help keep your dog happy and healthy.

Vet intervention: Dogs can be unpredictable and so can the cost of vet bills. If your dog accidently swallows a sock, like Lady, a cocker spaniel we cared for, or any other disastrous event occurs, we can help with the vet bill. We are offering one-off veterinary support, which is available on a case by case basis.

You can find out more about the support on offer by clicking here.

Live in an area outside East Yorkshire? No problem! Many of our services are available across all our communities, contact Lauren on the details below who will signpost you appropriately.

Telephone: 01430 449112

Email: [email protected]