Hello I am Wilfred.

My name is Wilfred, but my mummy and daddy call me scruffy (wonder why!)

I will be three years of age on the 8th June 2020.

I am a Jack Russel cross Terrier.

I am an ambassador dog for the North Lincolnshire Jerry Green Dog Rescue Fundraisers.

I love playing fetch with my tennis ball, if you don’t throw the ball, I will ask you to by barking and wagging my tail. I love spending time playing outside and chasing my brothers.

I really dislike having a bath and being clean and fluffy.

I have Rice Krispies for my breakfast with a little bit of milk, I love them and will not share them with my brothers.

My favourite snack is hot dogs, I do not like dog food, but my Mummy says I must eat it.

I live at home with 3 other dogs and two cats, I have a cosy dog bed but prefer a snuggle on the settee.

Below you can see me running around with my buddies: