We have some fantastic volunteers who we really appreciate taking the time out of their busy lives to help our rescue dogs. Click on their names below to read their stories. 

Emily's Story

Emily volunteers as a Dog Walker and Dog Care Assistant at our North Lincolnshire Centre

John's Story

John adopted Bellamy in 2003 and is a volunteer Dog Walker at North Lincolnshire

Anne's Story

Anne helps at the North Yorkshire Centre, attending events on behalf of the charity and walking the dogs in our care

Alix's Story

With dog walking to supporting at events and assisting with promoting the charity, Alix believes there are many benefits to volunteering

Amy - Volunteer Photographer

Amy Morgan volunteers at both the East and North Yorkshire Centres taking wonderful pictures of our dogs for use in brochures and on our web site

Amy's Story

Having moved to South Lincolnshire Amy get's a lot out of volunteering as a Dog Walker and Carer

Brenda's Story

Brenda volunteers at the Nottinghamshire Centre were she has walked the dogs every Monday for the past five years

Carol's Story

Carol and her family provide a foster home for those dogs that struggle in kennels

Shirley's Story

From fundraising to administrative support, there's something for everyone

Vicky's Story

Fostering leads to adoption for Vicky but she also helps in lots of other ways at the East Yorkshire Centre

Andy and Catherine's Story 

Andy and Catherine share how volunteering has changed their lives and wellbeing for the better

Fiona and Brody's Story 

This mother and daughter duo started volunteering at our North Yorkshire centre when Brodie was just 13 years old

Lewis and Caz's story 

Lewis and Caz decided to volunteer at our North Yorkshire centre after adopting their best friend Patch and they haven't looked back!

Ralph's story

Ralph has dedicated over 40 years of his life to our rescue dogs.