In order to help as many dogs as possible that are in need of care and rehoming, we are constantly innovating and improving what we do. 

Training our team

Thanks to training and the improvement in implementing our innovative Meet&Match® approach more dogs are staying in their forever homes.

  • The number of rehomed dogs returning to us decreased by 47% from 2015 to 2016

We are committed to building a confident capable team, many of whom are qualified in animal welfare and behaviour. Dedicated external dog behaviour specialists work with our team to build on their qualifications and experience to further improve their dog knowledge.

"I love working with this team and look forward to training days with them." Shelley Heading The Dog House Academy

Passionate about supporting abandoned dogs? Check out our available jobs to join the team!

  • Our team of volunteers increased to 125, allowing our dogs to get out and exercise more.
  • Our volunteer fundraisers raised nearly £10,000 towards the care of our dogs.

Our volunteer development programme continues to offer new roles and opportunities for volunteers across the charity. By gathering feedback from our existing volunteer army, we are always learning the best ways to support volunteers and ensure they receive a positive volunteering experience.

Join our army of volunteers: what role could you take on to help the dogs in our care?

Improving our places

  • In 2016, we supported 995 successful adoptions through our Meet&Match® process
  • We kept our dog numbers low in our Centres at approximately 20 dogs per centre at any one time

We have worked hard to create warm, comfortable and welcoming spaces at each of our five centres for our dogs and visitors to enjoy. This meant we had happier dogs who received more time with our dog welfare staff and volunteer team.

As a result, the dogs were rehomed more quickly, with an average resident in 2016 staying with us for 20 days. The few dogs that have been in our care for any longer have had the benefit of our improved home rooms, Zen rooms and improved off-lead areas.

We hosted 35 local events, which over 10,290 people attended.

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Sharing our expertise

Our East Yorkshire, South Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Centre have introduced one-to-one training and puppy classes to members of the public, while four of the centres offer secure off-lead areas at a small fee for owners to take their dogs. Dog owners can also take advantage of our new and growing grooming services.

"The facilities are brilliant with lots of completely secure spaces indoor and out to train your puppy. We discussed and practiced everything from general care of your new pup, obedience, recall to walking on the lead. Really can’t recommend these classes and facilities enough!" 

Natalie Crooks Facebook review, November 2016

We know it's important to address problems at their core so we can create positive change for the future. By investing in promoting positive handling techniques though training classes, we have concentrated on preventing future behaviour problems in dogs that could see them brought in to rescue centres. Everyone's a winner!