Teddy was a larger than life crossbreed who was rescued by Lisa and Rich in June 2019 after spending several months in rescue at the East Yorkshire centre.

Teddy was originally handed in as he was too much to handle in the home, at just 6 months old. He was a destructive, rambunctious, adolescent young dog – but goodness he was a love bug (hence his name)!

Spending a long time in kennels can be a challenge for any dog, but for Ted he was in kennels at the height of his learning periods, so we knew we would have to work extra hard with him to train him into a well-rounded adult.

We also knew that despite our own efforts to train Teddy that whoever took him on would have a challenge on their hands (albeit a hard but fun rewarding one!) and would need ongoing training support from us in the home.

However, adopters Lisa and Rich fell in love with Teddy as soon as they saw him. They soon set too with his training, and after weeks of commitment to his training and with support from our centre staff, he is now a transformed dog! Read his full training story here.

Teddy is now loving his life with his amazing family and is loved by so many. Lisa says: “Living with Teddy is like living with a furry 4 legged toddler! He loves to have fun and taking long toddler style naps after. 

“We call him the therapy dog as he brings so much light into everybody's lives. His top fans (aside from me and Rich!) are Rich's brother James, who's been struggling with ME for over 10 years now and Rich's Grandma. Both are very limited to what they can do but we can always guarantee them both a huge smile with a Teddy visit! 

“We introduced another dog, Beau, into our family in January this year and it has done Teddy the world of good. He now has an accomplice and snuggle buddy. 

“Teddy can be hard work at times and he needs a little extra understanding in certain situations but he is without a doubt the heart of our home. We and the rest of his fan club adore him!”

Not only are Lisa and Rich amazing adopters, but they are also fantastic volunteers who are always looking for ways to help support the rescue.

Lisa would like to fund Teddy’s time in our rescue and is hoping to raise £3,000 for us! So far, she has raised an incredible £500 when she took part in our 60 Miles in May challenge and is now hoping to raise the rest through her handmade dog collars.

If you’re interested in helping Lisa reach her goal while supporting our rescue dogs, you can do so by visiting her online shop. Prices start at £15 per collar, and £5 from every sale comes to us. Take a look at her gorgeous designs here and help change the life of a rescue dog in our care.

Honeytop Collars

We want to be there for all the dogs like Teddy that need our help for many more years to come. If you could help us to do this, we, and all of our Jerry Green dogs, would be so grateful. You can simply TEXT JERRY to 70201 to donate £1 towards our vital work, or perhaps consider sponsoring a kennel at your local centre for just £1 per week. Thank you.