After 734 days in our care, Tammy finally found the perfect home in August 2020. She had 2 whole years of waiting and we are absolutely thrilled she is finally going to get her very own happily ever after. Luckily due to our wonderful fosterers and our staff, she spent a lot of time away from the kennels, which helped her during her extended stay.

She also spent lots of time having ‘Bed & Breakfast’ stays with members of the South Lincolnshire team. She was such a loving and affectionate girl and we knew she would make a fabulous companion in the right home. However, her rehoming journey wasn’t plain sailing as you will read below…

Where Tammy’s journey began:

Tammy originally came to our North Lincolnshire centre from the stray pound. Her history was unknown but we were aware that she had just given birth to a litter as she was still producing milk. Sadly, Tammy did not cope well in kennels but our team did everything they could to make sure she felt safe and settled.

Tammy soon showed us what an affectionate girl she was who loved the company of people, everyone she met she greeted with a wagging tail. She also loved having a good off lead run in our secure paddocks and playing with toys.

It was also discovered that Tammy was very worried in the presence of other dogs so was showing dog reactivity. She also had a very high prey drive and loved to chase small animals. To help her cope better around other animals, the team began training her.

They began desensitisation training with stooge dogs and would slowly decrease the distance between Tammy and the stooge dog every session to help build up her confidence. The team also started muzzle training to protect herself and other animals. She did amazingly well and picked things up very quickly, there was not much she wouldn’t do for a treat!  

The team also started working on Tammy’s leaving hours as she sadly suffered from separation anxiety and found it very worrying when being left on her own. They taught her to settle on a blanket and then started to leave the room for short periods of time (depending on how well she was coping with being left) they used a lot of treats during these sessions, including tasty Kongs filled with yummy meat (this was her favourite!)

Despite being up for rehoming while in the North Lincolnshire centre she sadly didn’t have much interest. So the team decided it was time for her to reach a new audience and was transferred to our South Lincolnshire centre.

A fresh start:

Once settled at the centre, the team carried on Tammy’s training. She continued to be very well behaved and engaged during the sessions and picked up things very quickly, there was not much she wouldn’t do for a treat!

Amongst all of the intense training Tammy also enjoyed doing some agility fun as well as practising new tricks like ‘drop’. She was just so clever and a total delight to train. 

Tammy also loved her toys and really enjoyed what the South Lincolnshire team called ‘blast off’ time in the secure field which allowed her to stretch her legs. They said she was one of the fastest dogs they’d ever seen run and you had to watch where she was for fear of getting knocked over!

Once ready, Tammy went back up for rehoming but had a fairly strict rehoming criteria as she needed a home who would be able manage her around other animals and in a home where she wouldn’t be left for long periods. But sadly she was overlooked during Meet&Match® visits, which we could not understand as she was such an amazing dog! Things were looking a bit hopeless for poor Tammy – all she wanted was a family to love.

Happily ever after:

The team never gave up on Tammy, they knew this gorgeous girl would find a forever home, they just needed to find the right one. They continued to see her amazing personality and fell deeper in love with her, they were just so passionate about finding her home.

After many social media and press appeals, finally the perfect home came along.

Her new family visited the centre numerous times to meet Tammy and to help her feel comfortable in their company. Together they did some training and it created a wonderful bond between them. Tammy also spent a few trial nights at the adopter’s home before going on to a foster-to-adopt period, which all went fantastically well.

Now in her forever home Tammy has settled perfectly into her new life and is loved so much by her new family. The team still get to see her as she regularly comes and uses the secure paddocks at the centre – something which the team love! 

We’re so proud of all of the hard work, time and effort our teams have put in over the years to find Tammy a home – they loved her like she was their own and their dedication, along with that of her new wonderful family, has completely changed Tammy’s life for the better and we are so happy for her.

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