Sun, Sun go away come again another day!

Whilst the summer sun is a welcome sight, it has really dampened our day.

Months of planning go into our flagship Summer Show at the North Lincolnshire site, it is our longest-standing event. It always has been and still is attended by some of our most notable and committed supporters. Once a Jerry Green dog always a Jerry Green Dog, is one of our most sacred promises and we look forward all year to seeing familiar fluffy faces and forever families.

It is not about making money for us, it is about, well, you and them (the dogs). For that reason, we have decided to make some changes to our show this year to keep everyone as safe as we can.

We have so many fun and engaging things for humans at our show, have you thought about chilling with a brew in the morning and entering your dog in our special ‘show day’ online show? Our classes will be open from 11am -2 pm the same as our summer show. Your dog can enter from the cool relaxing environment of their home, dozing away their day happily while you come and join in the fun, talk to the team and visit our incredible site! Sadly, after speaking with our experienced team we do not think it would be safe to go forward with the physical classes.

We will be making some fun and creative adjustments to get those two legged supporters more involved, please watch our Facebook for more information but here are some things you will be able to get involved with: Teddy Bear - best in show! Agility Workshops! Photo entry - Best Rescue!

More information will be shared on our social media over today and tomorrow on how to enter our online show.

If after visiting our social media page, reading our special heatstroke information, and doing your own reading you still wish to bring your furry friend we have taken some steps to keep them safe.

Here is what you can expect:

We have hydration stations all over our site. These water stations are open for drinking, splashing, and laying in. They are kept topped up with fresh water and covered to ensure shaded spaces for dogs who will be attending.

We have specially trained Doggie First Aiders on site who will be there to support worried or anxious owner.

We will be patrolling car parks to ensure that absolutely NO DOGS are left unattended in vehicles.

Whilst we hope anyone reading this is supportive of our decision, we know that it is bound to make some a little disappointed. We are truly sorry but we have to do what we feel is right. The charity has invested much time and money into putting on this incredible event and we hope you will still come along and donate generously. An appeal page has been set up for those wishing to support us to do this, click HERE 

We hope that all your summers are filled with incredible sunshine and we don’t want to be keeping our fingers crossed for clouds in the future, so we will be working together over the next few months to look at alternative dates to prevent any future forecasting dilemmas!

Have a ‘pawsome’ day and we hope to see you soon!