South Lincolnshire Enterprise Trainer

What do my team appreciate about me ?

I have 20 years experience of working in Lincolnshire as a Kennel Club approved dog trainer. I am friendly and approachable and like to interact with people to help them understand their dog e.g. body language and how they learn. I use positive training methods and work on strengthening the relationship between human & dog.  I like to bring out the character of dogs, always showing them the benefits of calm, positive, responsive interaction with humans. I enjoy dog agility with my own dog, Chance, and want to share the enjoyment of this activity and the positive effect it can have on building a working partnership & trust between handler & dog.

What's important to me about my role at Jerry Green Dog Rescue?

I want to promote the benefits to all dog owners  of how a well behaved, responsive dog can enrich their lives and I want to bring to people’s  attention how a rescue dog can bring joy & happiness to their family , with a little time, patience & perseverance.

My goals for the charity

To demonstrate the values of Jerry Green Dog Rescue – not only for rescue dogs, but all dogs.  That they all deserve a good life, and a safe loving home.

What training do I provide?

I provide 121 training, agility training and also various group classes. Please contact me to talk about your training needs, class availability and pricing.

Contact Nicki directly via email to [email protected]