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Saluki Cross

Hiya, I'm Skip! But my new friends here at Jerry Green think Tigger may be a better name for me as I love to bouncy! I've got short legs and a long body but I don't let that stop me jumping really high! Sadly I've found myself looking for a new home as I wasn't getting with the dog in my previous home. It's been a fairly overwhelming time for me as I'm only a youngster but the guys here say I'm doing well! I still have lots to learn especially around meeting new people and dogs, so for now I'm looking for a quiet home as the only pet where I wont need to walk past lots of dogs in the street. I'd really love it if my new family had experienced nervous dogs in the past and are willing to carry on the training plan the team have given me. I've been really enjoying my training so far and would love to carry on and maybe do some activities such as scent work when I go home. I can potentially share my house with children over the key stage 3 age especially if they will play with me in the garden. As you can see in my profile picture I can be really snuggly, I love to sit on peoples laps even though I'm a bit too big for that really.

If you would like to know more about me please contact the team on 01652 653343 or [email protected]