Friend Of Jerry Green's

Join our brand new group and become a Friend of Jerry Green's. For just £30 for the year, you could support your local centre by helping to pay for vital veterinary treatments and care for our dogs.

As a Friend of Jerry Green's you will receive a welcome pack when you join, with a fantastic free gift to help you spread the Adopt Don’t Shop message. We will also send you regular updates to let you know the difference your support is making, but also to help you keep up to date with all the up and coming events and activities you can get involved with.

Your support could help a dog like Teddy.  

Teddy, a snuggly, soft and silly Staffordshire Bull Terrier found himself looking for a new home with us at Jerry Green Dog Rescue.  After being abandoned, we took him from a stray pound to prevent him from being put to sleep.  What we didn’t expect was for him to lose the ability to use his legs.

One normal morning at the centre the staff began to let the dogs out for their morning walks and feeding time.  Immediately the staff realised that there was something wrong with Teddy.  He couldn’t stand, he was laid slumped in his bed crying and refusing to move.  No coxing or help from the team could get him to stand up.  He had lost all use of his back legs. 

Teddy was rushed to the emergency vets, our staff were confused by what could have happened to him overnight to cause such a significant injury.  Teddy was put on a series of medications to try and reduce his pain and bring back the feeling to his legs, if these medications weren’t to work then we would look to send him to a specialist veterinary team for an MRI Scan. 

Then something which no one expected to happen, overnight he managed to be able to stand again, slowly enabling him to start to walk.  The first few steps looked very painful for Teddy & he had to be given extra support.  Teddy’s illness was something we had never seen before in the 57 years we have been open, and his recovery was nothing short of amazing.  Teddy fought to get better and within the next week took all the right steps to getting better with the help of the vets, foster carer and his carers at the centre. 

Thanks to our fantastic staff who did not give up of him and our wonderful supporters, whose helped ensured we could pay for Teddy to receive the best possible care, Teddy’s story ended happily. Teddy now happily enjoys his life in the comfort of his forever home and in the arms of his new family who love him to bits.


Become a Friend of Jerry Green's and help make a difference to dogs like Teddy today.