2 years 11 months 

Dutch Shepherd Dog


My names Ripple, it’s fair to say I’m stunning? With being a Dutch herder I’m looking for an experienced, active adult only home who loves to do dog sports and keep my brain active. I love to explore and I’m very confident on the agility equipment and doing Scentwork so I’d love to carry this on in the home. I LOVE everyone I meet but I’m not so keen on other dogs, so I will need to live in a quiet area with access to walks where I won’t bump into any other dogs, a secure field would suit me fantastically. Because I’m not keen on other dogs (including neighbouring dogs), I don’t want to live with any other dogs or cats but there is potential for separate cages small furies who can be kept behind a closed door I really love to play with toys and play tug so a garden with 6ft fence is essential for a good run around. I’m very good girl spending time on my own, and my leaving hours will need to be slowly built up but I think I can manage being left for 2-4 hours once settled. Please call the South Lincs team on 01205 260546 or email [email protected] with any questions you may have. Lots of love, Ripple x