When Poppy arrived, she was in terrible pain and discomfort, hardly mustering the energy for a cuddle and only able to lie at the team’s feet with a snuggly blanket to try and provide at least some comfort. Poppy had been diagnosed with Pyometra, and her uterus had already ruptured. Anyone who has heard this devastating diagnosis knows that time really was of the essence. The prognosis, without swift veterinary intervention, is around 24-48 hours. Poppy’s owners had hit hard times and just did not have the funds to pay for her treatment or ongoing care. They came to us as their last hope of saving her life. We rushed Poppy to the emergency vet, and she received the surgery she needed just in time.

Sadly, Poppy’s owners came to the heart-breaking decision that they could not maintain her welfare in their current circumstances, and so they asked us to find her a new home. During Poppy’s three month stay, we discovered she was hard of hearing, which made her nervous in new situations. Our team of experts worked hard with her to teach her some hand signals, allowing smoother communication with potential adopters. As well as looking for someone special to adopt her unique way of training, Poppy needed a home that could give her time to settle and show her the world isn’t such a scary place. Luckily for Poppy, Ben was just around the corner!

Ben had already been through our adoption process with his previous dog who had sadly passed away. After taking some time to heal, there was no question of where he would look for another canine companion. Ben had every faith that our Meet&Match® process would once again find him his pawfect partner. Ben was instantly drawn to Poppy’s picture and knew he just had to meet her in person. Needless to say, her good looks and personality won him over.

It took some time for Poppy to settle in, as she had anxieties about being left on her own. Ben had experience with this, so they were able to weather the storm together and we were there every step of the way to support them. Ben was fully on board and made some changes to his lifestyle to better suit Poppy, including shorter work days, so she wasn’t left alone for too long.

Her signal training has come on leaps and bounds, with Ben saying Poppy’s favourite ‘word’ is FOOD – a girl after our own heart! Poppy has made some doggy pals since being adopted and is well and truly part of the family. Ben says she is like his little shadow at home, and he loves what a big softy she is. These two truly are the pawfect match. To find out more about how our Meet&Match® process can find you your ideal companion, please visit https://www.jerrygreendogs.org.uk/meet-and-match

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