At the beginning of the cost-of-living crisis, there was an influx of families needing the help of rescue centres such as ourselves, and sadly this ever increasing need continues. Rescue centres are at capacity, and the waiting lists for dogs needing re-homing are longer than ever. When we were approached to help find homes for seven adorable puppies, although we swooned over their photos, we knew it would add strain on our already stretched resources. We took them into our care, knowing it was the right thing to do.

 Their owner had recently adopted a female Podenco from overseas, carrying a litter, which they were unaware of when she arrived. Although the owner had reached out, no support was available from the overseas rescue their Mum had come from. They were in desperate need of our help. After trying all the rescue centres in their local area, there was simply no room. Despite being desperately short on space ourselves, we knew we had to help. Our Centres pulled together to take all seven puppies into our care. Although it would be a long drive for their owner, over 100 miles, they were relieved to know they would be in safe, loving hands with us.

 As they arrived at our North Lincolnshire Centre at 13 weeks old, it was clear they had been given a great start, but the puppies still had a little way to go before starting their new and exciting chapters in their forever homes. Once the puppies had received all of the necessary veterinary health care, such as microchipping, vaccinations, and complete health checks, the search for their new homes could begin! We are pleased to announce Hopper, Steve, Eddie, Monty, formerly Nemo, Nala, formerly Dory, Rufus, formerly Dustin, and Nancy have all landed on their paws and are nicely settled into their new homes. Read on to see what they've all been getting up to.


Hopper was one of the more reserved puppies in his litter. He found other dogs quite worrying and lacked a little confidence compared to his brothers and sisters. We knew Hopper would need a patient home who could help grow his life skills and help him explore the world. Hopper was lucky enough to find just the family. Hopper's adopters were looking for their first furry addition to their family. They had friends who had highly recommended Jerry Green Dog Rescue after having a great experience a few months prior with their own adoption. They kept a check on our website regularly. Once they spotted Hopper, they thought he might be the one for them, so they arranged a Meet&Match®. They were prepared for Hopper to be shy from a detailed conversation with staff and although he was cautious, Hopper made it clear he liked them on that first day, and they fell in love. Hopper's new owners say he is now unrecognisable as the reserved puppy they adopted. Hopper loves going on adventures and meeting new dogs and people! He loves having a run off lead and enjoying lots of sniffs on his walks. Hopper has been lucky enough to holiday in Wales and loved every second of it!


Steve was one of our more exuberant residents during his time at the Nottinghamshire centre, with a big personality! Steve would require a home that could open their hearts to him and love him with as much enthusiasm as he had for the rest of the world! The perfect family was already on the horizon and the team invited them in for a Meet&Match® session with Steve; this family had already been in touch with us to tell us they were looking for a dog. Once they'd let us know the kind of dog they were looking for, it was a case of waiting for the perfect dog to fit into their lifestyle. During their first meeting at the centre, Steve made his feelings perfectly clear! He dove on to his new family and claimed them as his own. Steve is still full of character, and a little bit of mischief of course, but his family wouldn't have him any other way. He shares his home with a nine-year-old who helps burn Steve's energy off with non-stop play and is a local celebrity at the pub. Steve has made it onto the dog hall of fame there and he is often greeted with an enthusiastic 'HI STEVE!' when walking up to the bar. He enjoys long walks and has mastered re-call, helped by his love of food; Steve always gets a tasty treat when he returns. At the end of an action-packed day, Steve sleeps like a king in the big bed with his new Mum and Dad.


Eddie is a confident pup with oodles of energy to burn, which was apparent from the start! He was eager to make as many human friends as possible, and any of our team that met him fell head over heels in love with him. He was a little reserved when he met his new family, finding a new home away from his brothers and sisters that he had been with his whole life up until that point was a big step for Eddie, but his personality began to shine as soon as he was home. Eddie is a super lucky boy who gets to live on a farm! He loves spending any chance he gets running through the fields burning off his boundless energy. After a busy day helping his owner see to the horses, Eddie loves to come back to the house and spend the evening snoozing on the sofa. During the week, Eddie goes to work with his new Mum and gets to share the office with his new pal Bella.

As you can see, they have jam-packed days filled with lots of important snuggling and snoozing. Eddie has many admirers when he is out and about due to his uniquely good looks, and he is always happy to greet his new friends. His new family are delighted with how well he has settled into farm life and couldn't imagine being without him now.


Monty is another of our cheeky chap puppies who found himself looking for his forever home, but you may know him as Nemo. Monty's typical day starts early; he gets up at 6am most days to go to work with his new Mum. There, Monty has his own spot in the office and is treated like royalty throughout the day. Monty works really hard while at work to be a good boy, so he likes to let his ears down when he gets home. His new family have given him the nickname BB, short for the brown bullet, as he loves zoomies to help him burn some energy off at the end of the day. As well as training hard to be a good office dog, Monty has been sailing his way through the kennel club puppy award scheme and is currently working towards his bronze good citizen award. Once all the zoomies are out of his system, Monty loves snuggling and snoozing on the sofa in the evenings. With his new family, he has discovered a love of all things camping! From sleeping right through to behaving in local pubs and greeting every human and dog with a waggy tail, this boy is one happy camper.


Nala, previously Dory, was a little lovebug during her stay with us. She loved human interaction and was always eager for a snuggle with staff, who were more than happy to oblige! Nala's new family was looking for the perfect companion for their current dog, a Patterdale terrier, Pepper. Initially, Pepper was a little hesitant about having a fluffy ball of energy around, but they soon became fast friends. Nala and Pepper spend most days playing together; they love finding a good spot to dig and play around the trees for hours. When left alone, these little monkeys are contained in the kitchen to minimise what they can get up to. At least, that was the plan. More times than not, Nala jumps the baby gate and partner in crime Pepper wriggles underneath it to gain free-range status. Nala has well and truly settled in as part of the family and still loves getting those cuddles in. Her new Mum tells us that when Nala settles in for a cuddle, she wants as much of her as possible to be touching you and loves to be held like a baby, not being cradled but with front paws over your shoulders and her back legs around your waist.


When Natalie and Jon started their search to add another dog into their household, they were initially looking to adopt an adult greyhound. Upon the Meet&Match® journey, they realised this wasn't meant to be. It was a surprise phone call a month or so down the line that led them to Dustin. Our team at the Nottinghamshire Centre remembered Natalie and Jon when this little boy was searching for his home, so we called them. Although they previously wanted an older dog, they were both open to adopting a puppy if he could fit in with them and their resident Greyhound, Henry.

The three of them had arranged to come in for a Meet&Match® to see how everyone got on. We introduced them one at a time, so Dustin wasn't overwhelmed, and Natalie was up first. She fell in love with him at first sight! After playing and fussing with him for five minutes, it was Jon's turn. Natalie said when Jon felt it was right to give her a call, she would take Henry down for a play in the paddock. Within two minutes, Jon had also fallen head over heels and asked for Henry to be brought in. The two boys hit it off, so they agreed to continue with the adoption process, and Dustin was eventually taken home.

Henry hadn't always been a lone dog within the family. He had two sisters who sadly made their way across the rainbow bridge. In fact, as coincidence would have it, one of the girls crossed over on the very same day Dustin was born! Her name was Ruby, so Natalie and Jon decided to change Dustin's name to Rufus, honouring the sister he had never met. Whilst grieving for his sisters, Henry suffered partial paralysis to his face. It's similar to when humans suffer from Bell's Palsy. With the power of love and a new best friend, the vets are astonished that Henry is recovering! How amazing is that?!

Rufus and Henry have the most incredible bond. In true little brother style, Rufus thinks Henry is a rockstar and wants to do everything Henry does and go everywhere Henry goes. Henry is more than happy to have his little shadow follow him around. When not pursuing his idol around, Rufus makes his own fun. One of his favourite games is fetch…with himself...on the stairs!

Rufus also participates in puppy training classes and enjoys keeping his brain active by playing many puzzle games. It takes him only a short time to figure them out, meaning he needs more and more advanced ones to entertain him. Rufus has a sunny outlook on life, greeting everyone, human or otherwise, with a wriggly, waggy tail. These four are the perfect match, and the family unit is almost complete…it will soon be Rufus' turn to play big brother as the search for a new addition is just beginning.


Little Nancy wasn’t quite as confident as some of her siblings and could be more reserved. It was love at first sight for her new owner Dan when they first met, but Nancy took a little longer to come around as she was quite shy. Dan was more than willing to be patient and it soon became clear that they were the perfect match.

Once she was home, Nancy grew in confidence and soon showed her love for woodland walks; Dan calls her his little woodland creature. She loves to play fetch with her toys, but more than anything, she loves to be in the great outdoors, seeking adventures in the woods. Nancy lives life to the full, running and taking in all the sniffs along her way as she darts through the trees and over logs. Recall training has been going really well for Nancy and Dan, too. They’ve mastered the ultimate recall challenge – resisting the temptation for Nancy to chase squirrels! This enables Nancy to enjoy lots of off-lead freedom when away from roads and pavements.

Nancy is growing up to be very animal friendly, greeting every dog she meets with a waggy tail. She has taken quite the shine to Dan’s friend’s cats, wanting to play with them. The feeling isn’t always mutual, but even so, Nancy remains respectful of them and is just as happy to see them the next time.

When asked to describe Nancy, Dan said, “Nancy is loving, loyal, fun, playful and still a little shy until she susses people out – she is turning out to be an amazing girl!”

Dan can’t imagine his life without Nancy now and hopes to return to us in the future to get her a brother or sister to join the family.

Whether a volunteer, a staff member or one of our fantastic supporters, these happy tails make everything worthwhile. Nothing beats the feeling of knowing each of these dogs are in a safe, loving home that wouldn’t be without them.

We want to be there for all dogs like Hopper, Steve, Eddie, Monty, Nala, Rufus and Nancy that need our help for many years to come. If you could help us to do this, we, and all our Jerry Green dogs, would be so grateful. You can simply TEXT JERRY to 70201 to donate £1 towards our vital work, or perhaps consider sponsoring a kennel at your local centre for just £1 per week. Together we can transform the lives of homeless dogs and give them the second chance they so deserve.