Pippin spent more than 200 days in our care, she came to us a stray and was in a terrible condition.

Her coat was very overgrown and matted, so once she was settled, we set too and had her groomed and what a transformation it was!

Pippin did not enjoy kennel life, but our team did everything they possibly could to help her feel more at ease and relaxed. This involved moving her to another kennel block and giving her lots of love and reassurance. Slowly but surely, Pippin’s true personality began to shine and we could see what a bubbly, cheeky, clever and cuddly girl she was.

She formed strong relationships with the South Lincolnshire team and she got very used to and comfortable seeing their same faces every day. Her attachment to the team and the environment she was in made her very worried of new people and new places.

The team had to figure out the best way of getting her used to meeting new people so she would be ready for rehoming. They decided to do some desensitising work with her (this is where you familiarise the dog with something they find scary by not letting the scary thing get too close to the dog, giving them space and the time needed to think about what is happening and not panic) involving a stooge member of staff dressed in different clothing.

The team also started giving Pippin weekly interactions with other dogs to teach her how to appropriately greet and be around them.

When the team weren’t doing desensitising work with her around people or dogs, they worked on Pippins handling via clicker training as well as basic command training. She showed us what a clever girl she was who enjoyed being rewarded with food and toys!

After a lot of time and support – Pippin was finally ready for her forever home. As you can imagine this bonnie girl had a lot of interest but we knew she would need a very special home who could continue her training and give her the time and patience she needed to settle.

In the end, the South Lincolnshire team did a total of 10 Meet&Match® visits with her adopters to slowly and comfortably introduce her to them.

They started by introducing them to each other very slowly and at a distance. They then gradually decreased the distance between each other at a pace Pippin was happy with after every visit.

By the 4th/5th visit, Pippin had started to come round to the family and would happily be in the same room as them. She even started taking food out of their hands, played with them, went on walks with them and started to spend time with them without a member of staff/familiar face present! They really made fantastic progress and Pippin showed the team she was ready to go home with them.

Now in her forever home, Pippin is making huge strides and is loving her life. The South Lincolnshire team miss her but are very happy she has found a great home and find comfort in knowing they are able to provide ongoing support to the family. The team plan on supporting them with introducing Pippin to new family members – so they will be able to squeeze in plenty of cuddles then!

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