Pepper (previously known as Mopsy) came into the care of our South Lincolnshire centre as a shaggy, matted stray.

She had been found by a kind member of the public and was handed in to the local vets who passed her on to the dog warden, who then brought her to us.

Our team felt so sorry for this little girl, believed to be only 18 months old, she was scared and her coat was in a terrible condition.

She was very frightened at first and it took some time for her to settle in with us. The team also discovered that everyday things like bins, wheelbarrows etc. worried her and that she would need some help learning the outside world isn’t such a scary place.

Before any training could begin, Peppers coat needed some love. After a trip to the groomers for a nice bath and cut, once she was more relaxed, she looked like a new dog and was much happier.

Once Pepper was ready, our South Lincolnshire Centre Trainer put together a training plan that aimed to make her more comfortable with being handled and to create positive associations around wearing a harness. The plan also worked on her behavior around other dogs, being left alone and as mentioned how to cope with everyday things she would come into contact with.

After a lot of hard work and dedication from the Centre Trainer and team, Pepper was ready to find her forever home. She received a lot of interest as she looked very cute, small and fluffy! However, many people were put off by her additional behavior and training needs.

After some successful Meet&Match® visits, we found Pepper the perfect home with Mr and Mrs Nassau.

They say: “Pepper is a little ray of sunshine and has very quickly fitted in with the family routine and is improving beyond all comprehension. She has little reaction now whilst out walking and we have started trying to teach her some tricks, but these are definitely a work in progress!

“She has learnt to tell the time (or so it seems) as breakfast and dinner have to be on time as do her walks! She really looks forward to the weekends as we're able to go for extra-long walks in the early mornings where she has free run on the moorlands or up and around the disused coal mine not too far from us.

“It was love at first sight when we met Pepper and we couldn’t be without her now.”

We’re so happy Pepper finally has the family, life and love she deserves.

We want to be there for all the dogs like Pepper that need our help for many more years to come. If you could help us to do this, we, and all of our Jerry Green dogs, would be so grateful. You can simply TEXT JERRY to 70201 to donate £1 towards our vital work, or perhaps consider sponsoring a kennel at your local centre for just £1 per week. Thank you.