Dog Walker

We are launching a new community support scheme to help existing dog owners continue to meet the needs of their much-loved companions. This scheme will provide dog-walking services, free of charge, to the elderly, people with medical concerns or those experiencing short-term issues relating to the cost of living crisis. This will benefit dog welfare, but will ultimately support keeping owners and their beloved pets together. Read more

Winter Grand Draw 2023 - The Winners!

The winners of the 2023 Grand Draw have been drawn! Read more

How To Make A Tug Toy

Step by step video of how to do a square knot to make a tug toy for your poochy pal! Read more

Muzzle Training

Wondering how to make sure your dog is happy and comfortable wearing a muzzle? Here is our kick starter guide to muzzle training. Read more

Muzzle Types

Along with there being many reasons dogs wear muzzles, there are also many different kinds of muzzles available, each of which come with their own pros and cons, making them more suitable to some situations over others. Read more

Muzzle Measurements

How to find the perfect fit! Read more

Well Being Week - Resource Pack

Download your Wellbeing Week Resource Pack here. Read more


Meet Fudge! Read more

Lenny's Happy Tail

Lenny's Happy Tail Read more