* Please note that due to Covid-19 we are only offering training at our Nottinghamshire centre for the time being, please get in touch with Rachel to find out more: 07464 490201 *

If you would like some support with training your furry friend, we are here to help.

Our Enterprise Trainers, Rachel, Nicki and Tilly can give you the tools and skills you need to train and socialise your beloved furry friend correctly.

We hope that the more who are educated on how to train their dog correctly will ultimately lead to less dogs coming into our rescue and rescues across the UK.

Not only does proper training and socialisation help your dog to become well mannered, it also creates a life-long bond between you both and is lots of fun! You can read all about how our trainers have been helping furry friends and their owners in our training case studies. 

Our training superstars

To check out the training courses we have available please visit our events page

Dog training classes 

Alternatively, you can contact our trainers directly on: 

All of the money raised from our training services will go towards the care and rehoming of our rescue dogs - so not only will you be helping your own dog, you'll be helping ours find their forever homes too!