Age: 1 year

Breed: Border Collie Cross 

Gender: Male

Our gorgeous boy Ollie loves nothing more than spending most of his time in human company giving out lots of love and hugs!

We’re looking for quite a specific home for this special pooch, but don’t let it put you off, his gentle nature and beautiful face will be sure to win you over. 

He needs a family who:
• Will be home most of the day as he struggles being alone – but we believe his leaving hours can be increased once he has gotten comfortable in his new home.

• Can do lots of training with him. He is only 1 year old but has had a sheltered start to life, so he needs some support to help him become a well-rounded adult dog. He is a super clever boy and loves learning so it would be great if the family could carry on the training we have started with him.

• Can support him with new people. Ollie feels worried when meeting new people and becomes very frustrated when put behind a barrier, so his new owners will need to be committed to coming to the centre to meet him multiple times before going home with him. However, once Ollie has made a bond with your family and friends, he will love them and greet them like they’re long-lost friends!

• Ollie really love to do lots of zoomies and can make a game out of anything he can find laying around the garden, so because of this he would like an owner with a nice secure garden to explore.

For more information on Ollie please contact our North Lincolnshire centre on 01652 653343 or at [email protected]