North Lincolnshire Centre Trainer

What do my team appreciate about me?

I bring six years of experience working in animal rescue centres to the role. I am enthusiastic and willing to get stuck in to any area of the job in which I'm needed. I am friendly and approachable and work well with people, whilst always ensuring dog welfare is my top priority. I am currently working towards a PACT training accreditation with the Animal Behaviour & Training Council with a view to eventually completing my MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour. 

What’s important to me about my role at Jerry Green Dog Rescue?

That I can make a difference to dogs lives - particularly those which have had struggles with their behaviour. It is important to me to be able to help the rescue dogs to make improvements and move forwards, with the ultimate goal of finding them a lovely new home.

Also, that I can support the fantastic dog welfare team in any way possible so that together we can all make a difference to dog's lives, across the organisation.

What are my goals for the charity?

To establish Jerry Green Dog Rescue as the 'go to' place for dog training and behaviour advice. To uphold excellent welfare standards and ethical training practices. To support dogs and their owners within the local community. And of course, to continue to rehome as many dogs as we can! 

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