Here at Jerry Green Dog Rescue, we have some truly incredible volunteers who tirelessly give up their time again and again to help our rescue dogs. Whether it be through dog walking, working in our charity shops or attending fundraising events on our behalf – we couldn’t do what we do without them. They’re all so very special to us and complete our Jerry Green family.

However, there is one volunteer whose dedication to our cause over the past 40 years has been truly inspirational.

Ralph Ellis 

Ralph Ellis, and his late wife Chris Ellis, have been a part of our family since the early 1960’s when Chris first applied to be a kennel maid at our North Lincolnshire centre when she finished school. Since then, with their Newfoundland dogs, Ralph and Chris have given an uncountable amount of hours to the charity (between them they’ve supported the charity for over 90 years!) and have raised thousands upon thousands of pounds.

Sadly, Chris passed away in 2018 but Ralph has continued to fundraise for us with his large, furry companions.     

Ralph has had 14 Newfoundland dogs over the past 40 years and trust us when we say there isn’t anything he doesn’t know about the breed! Every time Ralph attends an event on our behalf, you will find Rookie, his current Newfoundland in toe. As you can imagine, Rookie attracts quite the crowd, especially if he has his cart and has so far raised more than £14,000 for us. Rookie’s predecessor, Rafferty, raised £30,000, all money they’ve raised by simply being their cuddly, fluffy and docile selves!

However, Ralph’s commitment to the animal charity world doesn’t stop with us. With his gentle giants, Ralph also volunteers for The Carters Foundation, a foundation that raises money for small animal charities across the UK by honoring the tradition of Newfoundland dogs pulling carts. From his work with the foundation and from his fundraising with us – Ralph has raised more than £125,000 for animal charities.

Ralph says: “I couldn’t think of a better thing to do with my spare time than help the dogs who have found themselves without a home. Everything I do is for the dogs and if what I do with my Newfoundland’s raises awareness about the charity and helps find rescue dogs a home – then I’m happy!

“I also enjoy being out in the community and chatting to the people who come over to Rookie and myself to say hi. Everyone has a story to tell and are full of questions about Rookie and the charity. Many also say that their Jerry Green dog is the best dog they’ve ever had which is a lovely thing to hear and is something I can agree with. Last year, I adopted a friend for Rookie from the North Lincolnshire centre. Jet, who’s a black Labrador, has become part of the family and is the most loyal and loving dog, I wouldn’t be without him!

“I’m going to keep fundraising for Jerry Green’s for as long as I can – so if you see me and Rookie at a future event, please come and say hello!”

We feel so incredibly lucky and thankful to have such an amazing volunteer supporting us and enabling us to change the lives of the rescue dogs in our care.