Jerry Green Dog Rescue has acquired agility equipment for some of its centres that will not only benefit the dogs in its care, but the Charity also hopes to raise much needed income by hiring out the facilities to a growing number of dog lovers who see agility as a way of connecting with their beloved pets.


The equipment, which is of competition standard, is set up in paddocks at the centres and includes an A frame, dog walk, see saw, competition weavers, tunnels and adjustable competition jumps. The Charity did have some older equipment at one centre, and found that this greatly helped those rescue dogs that needed more exercise and enrichment.


Tony Benham, Centre Manager at Jerry Green Dog Rescue in Catton, near Thirsk, has extensive experience of dog agility outside of rescue and believes that the new equipment will be a huge asset to the charity. Tony said, “We’ve found the new agility equipment has been great for the rescue dogs and we are also able to hire the space to the public. Dog agility training can help to build a strong bond between you and your dog and can be great exercise for you both, as well as great fun.”


With the growing numbers of clubs offering classes and training in agility, the Charity is keen to ensure that the equipment is used properly by people who have had some experience and training already so that dogs are not put at risk of injury,  so if you're already doing agility training but would like to practice in-between classes, improve your time, practice with a particular piece of equipment or simply have more fun with your dog then why not get in touch.


Agility Field Hire is available at Jerry Green Dog rescue centres in North Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and South Lincolnshire and more information is available on the agility hire page. All of the income generated through field hire, or using other Jerry Green Dog Services at your local centre, goes towards helping the charity to re-home and care for those dogs that find themselves without a family through no fault of their own.