In 2018, our North Lincolnshire team successfully applied for a grant to install an enrichment kennel at the centre, to enhance our dogs' quality of life during their stay with us, and to give dogs that find kennel life stressful an outlet for their energy, and a way to occupy their minds. 

Samantha Weston, deputy centre manager at the North Lincolnshire centre says; 

'The new enrichment kennel has had a huge impact on both our team and our dogs here at the North Lincolnshire centre. It has changed two previously small kennels into a very large open space for our dogs. The inside kennel is now great for any size breed or a pair of dogs, something which has previously not been possible on this kennel block. The outdoor space has made a huge difference to the welfare of the dogs, the enrichment equipment stimulates the dogs both physically and mentally so they are better able to display natural behaviours such as running and jumping.  

The team love having the extra space and equipment to use and we can now use the kennel to help the dogs that find kennel life stressful. Being able to monitor the dogs in their kennels overnight when they are alone has been invaluable for our centre trainer, so we can see what impact their training plans are having on how they are coping, and to ensure they are settling well after being left overnight.'

We would like to say a huge thank you to the Mrs D M France-Hayhurst foundation for granting us the funds to develop this space. It will not only enrich the lives of the current dogs in our care, but for many many more that come through the centre in the future.