As 2020 begins, we're sure you'll have lots of New Year's resolutions in full swing - but did you know January is also National Train Your Dog Month? So we're encouraging you and your pooch to learn something new!

The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) began their National Train Your Dog Month campaign in January 2010, hoping to raise awareness about the importance of proper training and healthy socialisation to a dog’s well-being. The month of January was chosen as many people received puppies and dogs over the Christmas period and sadly many of them find themselves in rescues, like ours, soon after.

Training can make or break a dog's chance to stay in a new home. Unruly behaviour like constant barking and being destructive are just some of the issues new owners can struggle to control and manage. But we believe that with the right training and persistence, these behavioural issues can be resolved and a happy home life will soon follow.

If you would like some support with your training, we are here to help. We can give you the tools and skills you need to train and socialise your beloved furry friend correctly.

We hope that the more who are educated on how to train their dog correctly will ultimately lead to less dogs coming into our rescue and rescues across the UK.

Not only does proper training and socialisation help your dog to become well mannered, it also creates a life-long bond between you both and is lots of fun!

So if you're ready to create a memories and skills to last a lifetime - then contact one of our highly-skilled Enterprise Trainers. Between them they have over 30 years of experience in variety of areas. We have Nicki at our South Lincolnshire centre, Tilly at our East Yorkshire centre and Rachel at our Nottingham centre. Click on their names to find out more about them and the experience they have.

If you would like some training advice or if you would like to book onto one of our classes, then contact them on the details below:

All of the money raised from our training services will go towards the care and rehoming of our rescue dogs - so not only will you be helping your own dog, you'll be helping ours find their forever homes too!