As many of us enjoy the lovely warm weather that many places across the country are experiencing we thought we’d share a few hints and tips with you on keeping our four-legged friends cool on a hot day.

  • Walk your dog early in the morning or later in the evening when it’s cooler.
  • If the asphalt on the road is too hot for your bare foot to stand on, it’s too hot for theirs. If the air temperature is above 77 ˚F (25 ˚C) then asphalt will be about 125˚F (51 ˚C), the point at which skin destruction can occur in 60 seconds.
  • Don’t over exercise your dog.
  • Never leave your dog in a sun trap, in a hot room and never in a car.
  • Always take drinking water with you for your dog if you go out.
  • Always make sure that they have drinking water and a cool shady spot be comfortable in.
  • You could also spray your dog with tepid water. (please don’t use very cold water)


Heat stroke - signs to look out for!

Your dog may be suffering from heat stroke if;

  • they are breathing faster and panting heavily,, heavier panting
  • they are barking or whining with signs of agitation
  • they have an excessive thirst or are drooling excessively
  • they have an increased heart rate
  • you think that their gums or tongue are darker in colour
  • their eyes are glassy, they are showing signs of weakness or collapse
  • they start to suffer from seizures or become unconsciousness


Heat stroke is very dangerous for dogs and they can deteriorate very quickly. If you suspect your dog may have heatstroke;

  • Move your dog to somewhere cool and give them small amounts of tepid water.
  • Use wet towels to douse the dog in cool water but never use cold water.
  • If you have a fan that you can place near the dog to cool it, use it.
  • Contact your vet straight away.


At Jerry Green Dog Rescue we find a lot of our furry friends like to enjoy some time in a paddling pool and really love our frozen Kong fillings made by the wonderful welfare team.


Have a wonderful summer!