As you know our 2022 North Lincolnshire Summer Show was unlike any other in our history.

During the week leading up to the show, temperatures were getting increasingly high, we had hoped for a change and a cooler prediction would come, but it only continued to soar. 

The welfare of dogs is and always will be at the centre of everything we do. With the advice of veterinary professionals alongside our team of experts, it was clear that hosting a Fun Dog Show and dog agility activities on-site would be a risk to the safety of our supporter's precious pooches. 

The team rallied and made some fun and creative adjustments to get our two-legged supporters more involved with 'Summer Fete' games as well as moving our dog show online so that your pooches could still take part but from the comfort of their cool homes. 

We were overwhelmed by the support for our online alternative as well as our decision to make adjustments for the benefit of all of our furry friends. 

Thank you to everyone that got involved, either online or in person, we are so grateful for your ongoing support.  We were also delighted that The Grimsby Telegraph wanted to create an article to highlight this and talk to us about the day.

Dog welfare will always be our priority and we will always do whatever it takes to keep our dogs, and yours, safe and well. If you would like to support us in doing this long into the future you can text to donate £1, text JERRY to 70201 💚🐶