Name: Stuart Evans
Location: Mansfield, Notts
Activity: Sponsored head shave
Target: £150
Total raised: £428

Meet Stuart; DIY fundraiser, dog lover and all-round legend!


Stuart had been growing his hair for a whopping 15 years before deciding it was time to shave it all off for a worthy cause. Being an animal lover, and having previously adopted a dog from Jerry Green Dog Rescue, Stuart decided to donate any money he raised to our rescue dogs.

...knowing how dependent on donations places such as Jerry Greens are, I wanted to help out and hopefully raise some awareness to the great work their staff and volunteers do.

Stuart set up a JustGiving page to make it easy for people to donate to his cause, with a fundraising target of £150. Very quickly, the donations were flooding in and by the time shave day came around, he had raised an incredible £428! 

Well done Stuart for being brave shaving off those long, luscious locks and for raising an amazing amount of money to help rescue dogs in need! From all of us at Jerry Greens, we'd like to say a huge thank you for your fundraising efforts - you've certainly made tails wag! We hope you enjoyed your tour of our Nottinghamshire centre, seeing first hand how we care for our dogs and what work goes in to finding them new loving homes.
The support from the fundraising team was great! As well as the support from their Facebook group, who helped share my post. I think one of the reasons i've had such a great response is because I chose Jerry Greens. Many of the people who sponsored me have either had a dog, or dogs from JG, know others who have, or are animal lovers, so because of that I found it quite easy to fundraise for the charity.
If you're feeling inspired by Stuart's amazing fundraising efforts, why not set yourself a fundraising challenge? Check out our DIY Fundraising page for ideas or download a sponsor form here.