Name: Lorraine Carey
Location: North Lincs
Activity: Commando Ridge, Skydive & Humber Swim
Target: £100
Total raised: £130 and counting!
Meet Lorraine; DIY fundraiser, dog lover and all-round legend!

Lorraine has chosen to complete three extremely physical, adrenaline fuelled challenges all to raise money for our rescue dogs! Lorraine set up a JustGiving page to make it easy for people to donate to her cause, with a fundraising target of £100 and has already exceeded that target, having only completed one of the three challenges so far!

"I have been an active animal campaigner and supporter all of my adult life and do all I can to support and encourage the very best in animal welfare. We have two rescue dogs of our own and one of them, Bella, is a JG dog."

On Saturday 28th July Lorraine completed the first of her three challenges; Commando Ridge. A large, rugged cliff face in Cornwall which Bear Grylls himself tackled in his TV show "Bear's Mission With Anthony Joshua". 

With her good friend Claire by her side, and their guide Paul, Lorraine set about abseiling down the sheer rock face to get to the start of Commando Ridge. Bear Grylls took a helicopter - he has nothing on Lorraine and Claire! They scrambled up the exposed ridge through heavy rain and 30mph coastal winds, all whilst 200 metres above crashing waves. Lorraine and Claire have shown incredible strength, stamina and sheer guts - and they have made maany rescue dogs tails wag in the process!


On August 17th, Lorraine will be facing her second challenge; jumping out of an airplane at 15,000 feet! And on September 16th, she will be completing her three challenges by swimming 2 miles across the mighty Humber Estuary! You can support Lorraine's on-going fundraising efforts by donating to her JustGiving page here.

"Jerry Green dogs are some of the lucky ones and I would like to believe every dog / cat / animal could get a loving forever home it deserves. If hanging from a cliff, jumping out of airplane or swimming across a dangerous river helps then I am willing to do them all!"

If you're feeling inspired by Lorraine's amazing fundraising efforts, why not set yourself a fundraising challenge? Check out our DIY Fundraising page for ideas or download a sponsor form here.