Meet our fantastic Centre Trainers, on hand to help you and your pooch with all of your training needs. From 1-2-1 sessions to our weekly classes, our trainers are dedicated to helping develop your dog's behaviour, skills and socialisation. Our Centre Trainers use only positive training methods which aim to keep training fun, ethical and force-free - focusing on strengthening the bond between dog and owner.

Kate Golding

Kate is our North Lincs Centre Trainer. 

T- 07464490201

E- [email protected]

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Beverley Hasler

Beverley is our South Lincs Centre Trainer. 

T- 07464490200

E- [email protected]

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Lucy Williams

Lucy is our North Yorks Centre Trainer. 

T- 07464490197

E- [email protected]

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Rachel Bagley

Rachel is our Notts Centre Trainer. 

E- [email protected]

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