Mabel with her owners Eleanor and Steve attended Tilly's puppy classes. 

Tilly said: "Mabel came to me with her parents for my starters puppy class. She was a little bundle of fluff and so very friendly, but with a nervous disposition that could cause issues later on in life if not dealt with correctly within her early stages.

"I explained to her owners, Eleanor and Steve how important it would be for us to all work together to help Mabel feel more confident in new situations and to not overwhelm her, they agreed. They had done lots of research into what dog was the best breed for them, training and what methods were best and why, and that is why they chose to come to me, as I use positive reinforcement techniques and NO aversive techniques.

"In the class, Mabel was really excelling, Eleanor and Steve were going above and beyond to ensure she was progressing well and learning at the rate she should be. Eleanor and Steve would regularly be asking questions, how to progress with things, different training they could do with Mabel as she was so clever.

"We got onto the subject of Separation Anxiety in week 2 of the puppy class and both owners mentioned that this was something they were struggling with and didn’t want it to get any worse so asked my advice. We decided to do a 121 with Mabel and we kept in touch with each other throughout the class and via email to ensure they were happy with how Mabel was progressing. A little adjustment to their daily routine and how they managed the situation, meant that in a few weeks, they were starting to see real improvements and before they knew it, she was more than happy to be left for a few hours and was sleeping through the night.

"Each week, she would come to class and wow everyone with how quick she was coming on, I was having to make things a little more challenging for her, to keep her engaged! She was improving with her confidence with dog both on and off her lead, every week and socialising more and more, which from the first time I met her was a huge improvement.

"In every aspect of the training Mabel took it in her stride and her owners are keen to keep the training moving in the right direction, Mabel is enrolled on my Brilliant Dog awards class and will surely be set to excel in this class, as she has done in the other two she has completed!"

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