Luna’s owner very sadly passed away and she had been living in an outside kennel before coming into our care.

Her coat was in much need for some TLC but after a good brush and the removal of some matts, she looked like a different dog. However, underneath some of her matted areas our vets found mammary lumps on her skin and following some tests they were identified as cancerous.

After lots of discussions and many consultations with our vets, the decision was taken on their advice that it was not in Luna’s best interest to proceed with what would be a large and painful operation as she was happy enough and not in any pain. In addition, the team also found a lump on her eyelid, which was safely removed when she went for her neutering operation. Once she had recovered, she was put up for rehoming and we set out to find her a family who would provide her with a great retirement. 

Luna didn’t have much interest at first, we thought that her age, large size and health problems were putting people off wanting to meet her. But we needn’t of worried as the perfect home came along.

The team were all very excited for Luna’s first Meet&Match® visit and they had everything crossed that her potential adopters would fall in love with her.

Luna had been a bit worried meeting new people while she was in our care but it was love at first sight for her new adopters, she took to them straight away and by the end of the visit was goofing around like a big puppy!

Now completely settled and loving her life in her new home, Luna is living her life to the full.

Her new owner, Martin, says: “When we first came into contact with Luna, the first thing she did was sniff the handful of sausage I had in my hand and she scoffed the lot down! She does love her hotdogs. We have also discovered she will do anything for a tripe meal!

“For a 10-year-old she does have a couple of health concerns that we are keeping a close eye on, one being slight arthritis in her back legs. However, she doesn’t let it stop her. She is still full of life when she wants to be. She likes to sprint up and down the garden and chase her tail. She is a big fluffy ball of love and energy. Also a firm favourite of the community as she always gets lots of comments on her beauty.

“With the warmer weather we couldn’t find a pool for the life of us so we managed to sort her out a sprinkler which she is enjoying ever so much.

“Some of pictures below are from a little day trip to Aysgarth Falls in the Yorkshire moors. She had a little paddle in the shallow falls and couldn’t get enough, even though she is an older girl she still enjoys new experiences! She even drank some of the water – needless to say she was at the groomers the next day! 

“Luna is full of energy and loves learning new tricks to get more treats, her favourite treats are the pedigree smackers – she's more obsessed with them than she is with hotdogs!

“Me and my partner Becki are so grateful to everyone at the South Lincolnshire centre – she really does brighten up our lives! She brings a smile to our faces every day and is a core part of our family, we cannot thank you all enough for the opportunity and for allowing us the honour of having her in our family. Thank you all from bottom of our hearts.”

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