If you have a treat then Loki is ready to be your best friend! 

Loki is the black and white husky to the left in the image above. Here he is pictured with his brother Alfie and sister Eve, who are also 'Ambassadogs.'

  • Name: LOKI (AKA Spokey MacDokey / Husky McClusky / L… O… K… I…)

  • Age: 4 (His birthday is the 8th of June)

  • Breed: Siberian Husky

  • The centre they are an ‘Ambassadog’ for: North Lincolnshire

  • Favourite hobby: Napping/wooing/squeakers/eating

  • Least favourite thing: Taking tablets and having a bath

  • Favourite snack: Anything at all!

  • Least favourite snack: Erm…no such thing!

  • What does Loki like about being a Jerry Green Dog Rescue 'Ambassadog?'
    Showing off with the big bro and causing havoc!