Lewis and Caz's relationship with Jerry Green Dog Rescue began when they decided the time was right for them to get their first dog. They adopted their best friend Patch, a handsome Staffy who was desperate for his forever sofa from our North Yorkshire centre 4 years ago. From that day forward they became not only utterly smitten with Patch, but also obsessed with canines of all descriptions.

Although they weren’t in a position to take other dogs home, they still wanted to help however they could. First returning to the centre for their weekly ‘Woofing Walkies’ events but they also began attending shows where possible to help raise money for our rescue. They realised that volunteering was the next logical step as their time could be just as valuable to our dogs as money. 

Reasons for volunteering

Lewis says: "My girlfriend Caz and I volunteer on weekends and we love getting to meet all of the gorgeous dogs for games and cuddles. There is a very special Lewis sharing some of his artwork feeling you get when you see a dog wagging its tail when it sees you, or watch it doing zoomies around the field whilst you're trying to keep out of the way! If we can help the dogs feel at ease until their forever home comes along, it fills us with pride and joy (plus, selfishly, who doesn’t love dog cuddles!?)

"As well as volunteering at the centre I was asked to use my artistic skills to design some colouring pages to use for kids visiting the centre or for public events, and I jumped at the opportunity to help in a new and different way. I love drawing and I love dogs, so it was a no brainer for me! I spent a very happy time designing some posters for the centre and I am happy that I could help in another way.

"Looking forward, I am hoping to take my love of all things canine further and with the advice of the wonderful staff at the North Yorkshire Centre, I am now in the process of enrolling into college with a view to gaining the qualifications which will enable me to work in a rescue centre.

"I would honestly encourage anybody to try volunteering because the happiness you get is tenfold to what you give. Even if you can only spare a couple of hours a week, or provide a skill or hobby (from a love of gardening, or a talent for DIY) you can, and will, make a difference."