Scunthorpe Store Manager

What do your team appreciate about you?

I feel that what my team appreciate about me the most is my friendly, approachable caring nature towards the volunteers, colleagues and customers this helps improve the volunteers confidence and helps them strive, as well as making a more comfortable environment for the customers enabling them to have a better retail experience. I am dedicated and enthusiastic within my role, by always making sure I do my best to run the shop smoothly. this helps the store and the volunteers, as my efforts are projected into the quality and organisation of the store. it also helps to lead and show example for the volunteers; this creates a positive and welcoming environment for the staff and the customers.

What’s important to you about your role at Jerry Green Dog Rescue?

The role I fill at Jerry Green dogs is really important to me, as it feels much more than a regular job, as I am also supporting a charity raising funds and awareness for such a good cause.

By helping to give the dogs that come into our care to have a better life, this gives me so much pleasure and pride in my work and helps drives my passion.

Along the way I also get to work with an amazing team and some fantastic volunteers, who are all willing to give up there free time to help with this cause. this is important to me especially as it shows the good that people have and their willingness to help others through pure generosity.

The relationships we have built within the shop as a team and with our customers is extremely important and brings me so much satisfaction, driving me even more towards succeeding our goal.

What are your goals for the charity?

I have been with Jerry Green dog rescue for just over a year now, for the first 8 months I was the assistant manger at our Scunthorpe shop.

I was then promoted to the Manager from may this year , this has allowed me to develop and grow our customer experience and improve our shop enormously.

By making positive changes to our shop layout and increasing the quality and variety in the items we sell , I feel that I have improved our customers experience and have been successful in increase the footfall that our shop now has, which I hope will allow us to build better relationships with our customers in the future, and build a common pattern of returning, loyal customers who recognise and support our efforts.

So my goal is to keep driving myself and my team to achieve the best that we can, raising even more money towards our dogs wellbeing, whilst simultaneously delivering outstanding customer experiences.