This Happy Tail tells the story of JD, a 13-year-old Jack Russell Terrier cross and a family that felt they may be overlooked as potential adopters due to their circumstances. With a little extra help in finding each other, a ‘happily ever after’ tail did begin, and we are delighted to share it with you!

JD needed a home in his twilight years due to an unforeseen change within the household which meant his home had become busier than he was used to. JD preferred the quiet, relaxed side of life. Upon realising that he would be far happier in an environment that would suit his needs, his owners made the heart-breaking decision to ask for help to find JD a new loving family to live with and contacted our Community Support Manager, based in East Yorkshire.

Led by manager Lauren, Jerry Green Dog Rescue provides rehoming, rescue, education and outreach support in the East Yorkshire region, with Home from Home adoption and fostering provision being the primary method of rehoming. 

Families who are in the position where their dog is able to remain with them until adoption can utilise our Home from Home service, preventing a stay in kennels for their much loved pet. This turned out to be the perfect option for JD.

JD, an affectionate, gentle dog who loved spending all his time with his favourite humans, and so needed a home where he wouldn’t be on his own for very long. A peaceful retirement home where he would get all the attention and cuddles he could wish for was what we set out to find for this sweet boy. 

Whilst looking for JD’s perfect home, Lauren reached out to our other centre managers to see if they knew of any potentially suitable families that may be interested in finding out more about JD. As fate would have it, our North Lincolnshire Centre had been speaking with a lovely family who they felt could be a match for JD.

An elderly couple, Joe and Pat, wanted to welcome a dog into their life once more after sadly losing their furry companion last October. Their daughter Alison, who is also a primary carer for Joe and Pat, visits the house daily. This meant she would be on hand to support with exercising JD, whilst Joe and Pat could concentrate on providing snuggles and plenty of TLC!  

The family had contacted our North Lincolnshire Centre initially to find out more about a pair of Schnauzers, but their match was meant to be elsewhere. At first, Alison had thought her parents wouldn't be able to adopt due to their age and disabilities but after talking through with Lauren, she was delighted that this wasn't the case at all and was thrilled that a potential match had been found for them in JD.

On their first Meet&Match®, JD spent most of the time hurtling around the house investigating and sniffing, but they were able to bribe him with treats to steal a few minutes with him. During their second Meet&Match®, they took JD on a lovely walk. JD was not always comfortable with other dogs, and could show this discomfort in his behaviour, so Lauren wanted to make sure they had a chance to see this before adopting JD. The family had already had experience walking in areas with a low dog population as their last dog preferred human company rather than canine too! Once JD was home, he settled in remarkably well, making himself comfortable immediately! Pat and Joe knew JD would complete their family and decided that their home was going to be his forever.

Pat says she often wakes up in the morning to find JD snuggled under the duvet with her. When Alison and her husband visit, they are often jealous of the person he favours with his affection the most!

JD loves his walks and will get very excited when his red jacket comes out – he knows that means its WALKIES! They live by the seaside and during the quieter winter months he has been enjoying walks along the promenade. Once he is ready for a snooze, JD loves making a shelter to get comfy in. He often makes these out of cushions or pulls one of the human coats over himself to create a den, as seen in the pictures.

Sometimes, the path to your pawfect match isn’t always how you might imagine, as this Happy Tail shows. It is safe to say we are thrilled that we were able to bring them altogether and JD can have the wonderful retirement he deserves!