Jake made the North Lincolnshire team instantly swoon with his squidgy and gorgeous Pug looks. At first he was scared of his new environment and unsure of his surroundings, but once he settled his true personality shone through and he showed us all what a cheeky and happy boy he really was.

It was with great sadness Jake's previous owners handed him over due to their medical problems.

Jake became known for many things but his stand out quality was his amazing hugs and bubbly personality, he was always happy to hang out with the team.

It soon became clear that although he was confident around the team, he struggled meeting new people. So the team set too teaching him that new people were okay and that there was no need to worry. They also taught him some basic obedience including sit, paw and down. He really was very clever!

Once ready, he was put up for rehoming and it didn’t take long for him to be adopted. He met his forever family in the middle of the Covid-19 lockdown period. To ensure the adopters and our teams stayed safe, our Dog Welfare Assistant, Charley, set up a virtual Meet&Match® visit with Mick and Kath (the potential adopters) and they instantly fell in love with him!

Charley then took Jake to their home (in the garden, socially distanced) and the visit went really well. Mick and Kath decided straight away that they wanted to keep him as Jake made himself at home as soon as he entered the garden!

Mick and Kath really were the perfect match for him, they had no other pets and minimal visitors to the home, so off he went to live in what is now his forever home and he has settled amazingly.

In his new home, Jake is free to roam around his lovely back garden with his toys. He has lots of playtime with his family and friends who all say that Jake brightens up their day and he also goes on plenty of walks where he is able to meet new doggy friends, he really is loving his new life!

Mick and Kath say: “Jake rules the roost and we couldn’t' love him anymore! He is a huge part of the family and it feels like he has always been here with us.”

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