Chief Exec

What do my team appreciate about me?

My ability to put people at their ease but still show passion and enthusiasm for all things Jerry Green! My team also appreciate my honest, direct approach when articulating what I expect for us as a charity. And of course my genuine delight about each dog I meet!

What’s important to me about my role at Jerry Green Dog Rescue?

Articulating our vision and values as a charity – being clear about what is important to us and why. Creating a culture where people can thrive because they have everything they need to do the job that they love is important to me. That’s not just about resources or the place they work (although they are important) but it’s also about creating opportunities for staff to learn and giving people space grow, to try doing things differently. Encouraging our people – our paid staff and unpaid volunteers - to get out there to raise awareness about why we do what we do.

The challenge we face isn’t only to find the best match possible between the dog and their new family through Meet&Match® but to also question people’s perception that it’s better to ‘buy’? We are quite clear that no dog chooses to be born, so for us at Jerry Greens every puppy bred or farmed for profit means there is one home fewer for a dog awaiting adoption at our centres.

It is extremely important that we strike a chord with people about dog breeding, questioning mistaken perceptions about rescue dogs and amplifying the issue to such a point that society as a whole considers it a duty to take responsibility for the number of dogs bred. We will be campaigning to limit dog breeding numbers to those who can be properly homed and cared by raising public awareness that thousands of dogs are in rescue centres whilst breeders continue to add to an already oversized dog population.

What are my goals for the charity?

Jerry Green’s successor Peggy Dornom, ‘Miss D’, described a world where the plight of the stray and unwanted dog had improved to the point where rescue centres were no longer needed, where “man showed nothing but compassion towards the animal kingdom.”

In the end all charities wish the same thing – that the issue they were set up to address was no longer there, that we weren’t needed – in our case because all dogs had loving homes for life.

Our current Trustees, just like Jerry Green, believe all dogs deserve a good life and a safe, loving home. So it’s my job to keep building an organisation that is fit for its purpose to provide safe place for homeless dogs and to find new loving homes for them to live.

And as charity we don’t just provide a place for our dogs, as an organisation we promote more humane treatment of all dogs and we oppose vivisection. My aim is that we further our campaign and lead public education about the humane treatment of dogs everywhere as a vital part of Jerry Green’s legacy.