Jerry Green Dog Rescue is a charity steeped in history, we pride ourselves on our founding principles and strong ethical beliefs. That said providing the highest standard of welfare comes at a cost and that is why the Income Generation team is dedicated to succeeding. We understand the role we play in our rescue dogs going 'home'. 

You can find out all about our vacancies in our recruitment pack

You will see that on the adverts it says "hours up to", as an employer that promotes flexibility we understand that there is no 'one size fits all' all approach to hours and as part of the process there will be an opportunity for you to let us know what would work for you!

Flexibility works both ways and these roles may include, at times evening and weekend work. 

Equally, our adverts may be a little vague, that's because we want you to get to know us, what we do and where these roles sit in achieving our dream at our LIVE events

Sunday 19th at 2pm 

Monday 20th at 10am 

Current Vacancies:

Community Activity Lead

Direct Engagement Officer 

Central Communications Officer 

Community Fundraising Assistant 

Social Media Marketing Assistant