Without your help, we could never shelter and rehome so many wonderful dogs in need of support.

We are dogcentric, so every investment we make at Jerry Green Dog Rescue is for the benefit of the dogs in our care. From training our staff to upgrading our technology, every penny we receive has a direct or indirect positive impact on the wellbeing and rehoming opportunities of all the dogs that come to our centres.

Looking after our guests

Every abandoned and unwanted dog in our care needs to be looked after properly, with regular costs ranging from heating kennels to seeing vets. The costs of keeping our dogs safe, well and happy include:

  • £5.60 a week to feed a dog
  • £3.30 to microchip a dog
  • £2.00 for flea treatment
  • £20 per veterinary consultation
  • £24 for a course of vaccinations

Training and coaching

We invest in our staff and volunteers to ensure we have a well-trained, confident and resilient work force. As a result:

  • The number of rehomed dogs being returned in 2016 decreased by 47% from 2015. Thanks to training and the improvement in implementing our innovative Meet&Match® approach, more dogs are staying in their forever homes.
  • Our volunteer army increased to 95 volunteers, allowing our dogs to get out and exercise more.

The right environment

We spent less on site costs in 2016 than in 2015 thanks to careful management, allowing us to spend on repairs and refurbishments of our centres to ensure they are fit for purpose. This has brought noticeable benefits:

  • Keeping dogs calm, relaxed and happy with lots of one-to one time with our trained staff has enabled us to assess, train and re-home our dogs on average between 20 and 30 days.
  • The few dogs that have been in our care for any longer have had the benefit of our improved home rooms, Zen rooms and improved off lead areas.

Why not visit your local centre to see how we look after our dogs – and our staff!

Reaching out

By investing in getting our dogs' stories into the media, we're able to increase the chances of finding them suitable homes. Successes in 2016 include:

  • We rehomed 18 dogs through public appearances, events, and media coverage.
  • 93 press releases were featured in the local media.
  • Our video of Harvey the Staffordshire Bull terrier went viral, reaching 6 million people and helping him to find a home (video opens in a new window).

Thank you for all your support! 

There's always more we can do thanks to your donations and fundraising efforts