Every day we are contacted by our dedicated supporters to find out how they can help us to enhance the lives of our rescue dogs. The answer is simple really, we need items that make our dogs feel loved, safe and warm. This can differ greatly from dog to dog, but there are some items that we always need.

We try to limit the time a dog spends in their kennel when they are in our care, but it is unavoidable that our rescue dogs will spend time alone during their stay. To help them feel a little more at home and comfortable the staff are always seeking new ways to enrich their lives, for that reason we are always in need of enrichment toys and activities.

Kong’s and puzzle feeders make for a great way to pass the time while ensuring dogs get the nutrition they require. Did you know we often make frozen Kongs to keep dogs cool in those warmer months?

That said, nothing beats time out of the kennel and with that said walking and training aids are always in short supply. We work hard to help dogs learn their manners, like how to walk nicely on a lead, have you considered donating:

  • A harness
  • A training lead
  • Toys to play with in the field during their free time?

Paddling pools in summer, now there is something guaranteed to get a dog’s tail wagging. The durable plastic type help us make sure that wag doesn’t turn to disappointment quickly as a dogs claw makes fast work of inflatables!

High value treats are needed for everything from filling Kongs to training treats to temptation out of that pool and just generally to show our dogs some love. High meat content treats that smell delicious are always a solid favourite. Dare we say it, in small quantities and as part of a balanced diet, there is not much some dogs won’t do for a hot dog sausage.

Please find here a list of products that we feed our dogs, we keep our dogs on a consistent diet to keep their tummies healthy and happy and each centre has a list of foods they feed so that you can help us keep those bellies full!

As for soft furnishings, we work tirelessly to ensure the health and welfare of our dogs is our main priority and this is where housekeeping is vital. Each dog has their own bedding which is washed just for them. It is for this reason we just cannot accept quilts, pillows, cushions or feather blankets. They cause so many problems with our washers and when they make their way into our stores we have to spend much needed money to dispose of them. Our staff hate to say no, so if you could help by being extra careful about what you donate and spreading the word it would make a HUGE difference. 

It goes without saying, we are a charity and one of our biggest struggles is raising money, paying our vet bills and utilities is such a HUGE financial demand. We know a cash donation isn't always possible, but it is always needed so please consider that option.