Saskia was rescued from the streets of Romania when she was a pup, sent over to the UK and placed in a home with other dogs. Unfortunately, Saskia was not happy in this new environment and found herself at Raystede Rescue in Sussex. During her time at Raystede she built up quite a following of people wanting to find this lady her forever home, she even had her own facebook page! Sadly her forever home never came forward and so Raystede reached out to Jerry Green for help in her rehoming.

Saskia was transferred over to our Nottinghamshire centre on 13th April, when she arrived she was scared and overwhelmed by yet another change of environment but our team gave her time and patience whilst she built her trust on her terms. Our team worked hard training Saskia to cope and accept a new life living in a loving home, which is something she had never experienced. 3 months later, to the day on the 13th June, Saskia was taken to her new home with her loving parents. Her new family are continuing her training and giving her time to settle and learn that her new home is safe and secure.

Beautiful Saskia has been on a 3 year journey to find a place to call home, we are so pleased that we could be a part of her journey to help her find her happily ever after.