Ollie came into our care in January this year after his owner very sadly could no longer look after him. Ollie struggled to find a home, he seemed to have the worst luck of all of our dogs. Ollie found himself reserved a few times and each time it fell through for circumstances beyond his control. Everything happens for a reason and we consoled Ollie with lots of treats and cuddles, confident that his perfect match was right around the corner. Our beautiful Ollie struggled with kennel life and was starting to lose weight from the stress. We quickly put a plan in place to not only make Ollie’s kennel a more secure and safer environment away from other dogs, but also allowing Ollie some office time in the day so he could laze the days away with the fundraising and finance team. Ollie quickly became a staff favourite and our fundraising team looked forward to their Ollie snuggles every day. Our rehoming team did lots of work with Ollie to help him with his dog socialisation skills, which would help any potential adopters walk him in public areas and cope with dogs passing the house. These were all things that were putting people off adopting our beautiful boy. Luckily for Ollie all his hard work paid off and his forever home called up to meet him in May this year. With a tinge of sadness our team waved goodbye to their favourite office pal as he walked off with his new family. We are happy to report Ollies new family absolutely adore him (of course!) and he settled right in, we are thrilled that he finally found his forever home because he most definitely deserved it. It is thanks to supporters like you that we were able to take our time and find Ollie his perfect match.