At Jerry Green Dog Rescue our happy tails are not always about our dogs, sometimes they are about our supporters too, like Brooke and Simon.

In 2015 Brooke and Simon adopted the beautiful Ella a Lurcher from our North Yorkshire centre and fell head over heels for her. Ella was to play a huge part in their wedding as bridesmaid and the couple had decided to collect donations in lieu of gifts for us, as a thank you for matching them together. Last year however due to a tragic accident Simon and Brooke lost Ella and were understandably heartbroken. They still remained supporters of our charity deciding to help us foster dogs in need instead, such as the lovely Oleg over Christmas, as it was too soon to think about opening their hearts and home again.

But in April this year Lurcher Juno was returned to our centre due to her owners change in circumstance and it was love at first sight for both Juno and the couple. Neither Brooke, Simon or Juno was looking to start again, however it turns out they were just what each other needed to help mend their broken hearts. It has been wonderful to watch this new family grow together and see the impact they have had on each other. We can honestly say they truly rescued each other. In May this year Juno honoured her big sister Ella by stepping in as bridesmaid and helping them to raise an amazing £1610.00 in memory of Ella. The centre has put this donation to good use in creating meet and match spaces outside to help them match more families together like this this one. We wish them all a lifetime of love and happiness.

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