Halloween is a spooky and fun time for you and your furry friend. Learn how to keep them safe and happy throughout the celebrations with our handy top 10 tips:

  1. Keep the chocolate and sweeties out of reach – they can cause very upset tummies and be dangerous to dogs

  2. Keep them inside – safely away from pranksters and noise

  3. Throw your old pumpkin away – moldy pumpkin can cause neurological and tummy problems

  4. Save the glow sticks for the kids – the liquid in a glow stick will leave a nasty taste in your dog’s mouth along with a lot of mess!

  5. Keep them confined and away from the door – scary costumes and lots of noise can scare our dogs too

  6. Keep lit decorations out of reach – reduce the risk of your dog burning themselves or knocking them over

  7. Don’t dress them in a costume if they don’t like it – it causes unnecessary stress and discomfort to your pooch

  8. Let your pet try on and get used to their costume in advance – even if they like wearing a costume, introducing one slowly and in advance of the big night is less stressful for them

  9. Keep battery and electrically powered decorations out of reach – reduce the risk of your pooch being hurt by chewing on something they shouldn’t

  10. Make sure they’re chipped – if they do happen to escape or get lost their chip will increase their chances of being returned