Give The Gift Of Friendship

Who rescues who? Adopting a dog can provide love, fun and friendship not only for the dog but also for the owner. So many of our adopters remark that it was the dog that rescued them; from loneliness, anxiety or depression. Dogs force their adopters to be­come active again, get outdoors and meet people, they are a friendly face waiting to greet you and a reason to get up in the morning.

A gift in your Will to Jerry Green Dog Rescue can help so many dogs in need find their happily ever after. 1 in 4 dogs at our centre are paid for by legacy donations. This means that 25% of the dogs waiting to come into our care will be relying upon an important gift in a Will to give them the fresh start they need.

Our Meet&Match® process which has been developed and pioneered by ourselves involves matching a person’s needs and circumstances to a rescue dog in a relaxed, safe and friendly environment. We pride ourselves on delivering a personal service which means that no one’s age, work commitments or experience will ever be a barrier to adopting a dog. It is just about finding the right dog for the right person.

We need your help to provide this.

The Figures

£1000 - Is the average amount it costs us per dog

£1200 - to heat and maintain our kennels per month

£2000 - to renovate our meet and match rooms, that bring families and friendships together

£86,650 - to employ 5 dog welfare assistants each year to look after our dogs

£100,000 - Is the amount it would cost to renovate a kennel block to a higher standard of welfare.


Give The Gift Of A Fresh Start

So many dogs come into our centre in need of a fresh start. Be that emergency health care, intense training or a place to finally feel safe. Dogs come into our care for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they are fighting for their life in need of life saving surgery, sometimes they have been treated so badly they are covered in fleas and are heart breakingly thin or they have been brought in because no one ever showed them how to be a good dog.

These dogs are in desperate need of a fresh start.


“When I needed a hand, I found your paw”


A gift in your Will can provide that life saving surgery, treatment and pay for our training expert to give them that chance at a new start. Every dog that comes into our centre has access to the medical care they need whatever the cost. Every Jerry Green Dog Rescue centre has a Centre Trainer, who is an expert in animal behaviour and training. Over the years they have worked with countless dogs using only positive training methods, these dogs have been incorrectly labelled ‘problem dogs’. Our trainers have worked with them to teach them the manners they need, to be able to live in a family home. They have worked with terrified dogs who have grown up to be frightened of the world around them and helped them to realise that this world is not a scary place.

They need your help to continue this work.


The Figures

£200 - To vaccinate, Neuter/spay, microchip and flea and worm each dog

£1000 - To provide agility equipment at our centre, to give a stressed do new focus

£2,000 - £8,000 - For life changing surgery

£19,000 - To employ a fulltime centre trainer


Give The Gift Of Education

On average we have 150 dogs on our waiting list across our five centres, desperate for their chance to come to us and look for a new home. This doesn’t include all the ones sat in stray kennels desperate for a rescue space. We need to get to the root of the problem here.

Why are so many dogs needing new homes and how can we help to make a difference?


“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen”


The answer here is education.

So many families are calling because they have reached the end of their tether. We now provide training classes and 1-2-1 sessions to help keep dogs in the home.

Another reason people are re-homing their dogs is because they have struggled with dog behaviour around children. Our fundraisers now tour schools and social groups teaching children and adults about dog behaviour and how to spot the simple warning signs of a dog asking you for space.

We are constantly campaigning to help change people’s minds about the importance of adopt don’t shop. Our job is to show people that a rescue dog is not a problem dog, they are just a dog needing a new chance at life. Our common problem is that there are just too few homes for too many dogs and that every dog bred for profit means one less home for a rescue dog. Our job is to educate people that having children or another dog in the home does not mean you can’t have a rescue dog and need to buy a puppy. Child and dog friendly rescue dogs are currently sat in a kennel waiting for you to take them home. We are campaigning to educate about the dangers of puppy farms and breeding dogs with known genetic deformities. Those dogs will often end up in a rescue centre as the owner simply cannot afford to pay for the life changing surgery they need.

Your gift could prevent a dog from ever needing to look for a new home


The Figures

£800 - to design and print marketing material to get our message out there

£18,000 - to hire a friendraiser to deliver our education programme and bring in funds for our charity

£19,000 - to hire an expert centre trainer to deliver training classes to the public

£80,000 - for litigation to campaign the courts to change the law against puppy farms


Any gift to our charity, however big or small will make a huge impact to the lives of so many dogs. We would like to ensure you get the recognition you deserve for making a difference. Here are a few of the suggestions that we have in place for gifts left to us in a Will. We are a charity that strives on making everything personal, so please get in touch and tell us if you have something else in mind.

Membership - Become a friend of Jerry Greens

If you notify us that you have left a gift in your will to Jerry Green Dog Rescue you will

become a friend of Jerry Greens. This is an exclusive membership to those that have left us a legacy donation, is a regular giver to our charity or a volunteer. Friends of Jerry Green will receive a friend of Jerry Green pin badge, have priority and discounted bookings to our events and will also receive regular updates from us with happy tails and news from our centres. You will also be invited to the annual Friends of Jerry Greens dinner.

Memory Tree

Every gift left to us in a Will, will feature on our memory tree, with a paw print placed in the tree featuring your name. Each of our centres has a memory tree where your name will be proudly displayed for all our visitors to see the names of the people who have made a difference to our dogs.

A true friend leaves paw prints on your heart

Our prints represent friends looking down from above

Who cared for our dogs

And left a legacy of love.


Gifts of over £500,000 will allow us to name something permanent after either yourselves or a treasured dog. We could name a van, kennel block, meet and match room etc in dedication to you and the huge difference that you have made to our dogs. This is something that is very individual to each person, so please get in touch with us so that we can talk to you about what you would like.

Will your dog to Jerry Green Dog Rescue

If you have a Jerry Green dog this would happen automatically as our promise is once a Jerry Green dog always a Jerry Green dog, but not everyone is that lucky, so we want to ensure we are here for all the dogs that need us.


You dog’s welfare will always come first

Putting a dog’s welfare at the heart of every decision we make will never change here. Policies and procedures to align with current standards of welfare and law may change, but we will always guarantee to you that their needs and welfare will always comes first. We will strive to make their time with us as enjoyable as possi­ble and do our very best to match them to their perfect new home in a professional, purposeful and above all else personal way, using our meet and match process.


Our Euthanasia Policy

We strive to be consistently transparent with our euthanasia policy as it is something we are proud of. We will only ever euthanise a dog with an extreme behaviour prob­lem that we cannot work on with training or for extreme health reasons that cannot be treated to give them a good quality of life. This decision process has to be signed off by our behaviour and training expert, our managers, head of welfare and CEO and will always only ever be in the best interest of the dog’s welfare. Where possible we will also seek advice from outside experts in the field and from our vets. If you have any questions about our policy, please feel free to talk to a member of staff.


Six things to remember when making your Will


1 - Work out the value of your estate

You will need to work out the value of everything you own and then minus any money that you owe

2 - Decide where you would like your money to go

Think about your nearest and dearest first.

After you have considered the need of your family and friends consider leaving a tax efficient gift in your will to our charity.

3 - Choose a guardian for any young children

If you have any young dependents decide who you would like to look after them, always talk this through with them first.

4 - Have you thought about your animals?

Is there a family, friend or neighbour that might be able to care for your pet after you die? If not, talk to your local Jerry Green Dog Rescue about willing your dog to us.

5 - Choose your executors

An executor is someone you nominate and entrust, after your death, to carry out the instructions you leave in your will.

6 - Make notes of any questions

You don’t want to leave the appointment full of unanswered questions. Get your thinking cap on now and write down any questions that you don’t want to forget to ask.

Ways you can help – Explained

Residuary Gift - Instead of leaving a specific amount to us you could leave a percentage of your estate. A good way to help is to leave a percentage of what is left of your estate or assets, after other gifts (and debts) have been paid. Your solicitor can advise you how to do this without it affecting any specific gifts you have left to family or friends.

Pecuniary - This is a fixed cash amount. This is often used when people have a figure in mind that they wish to leave. Alternatively, if you are concerned that inflation may erode your gift over the years, then it is also possible to leave an index linked pecuniary gift in your will.

Specific - You may wish to leave us a specific item in your will, that can either be used to help our rescue dogs or be sold in support of our work.

Restricted - We hope that you will trust us to spend your gift wisely. However in the past some supporters have chosen to restrict their gift to be spent on their local centre or specific object that they know we need, such as a capital build or new van. You can choose to restrict your gift in this way or alternatively you can let us know your wish where you would like your money to be spent unless there is a greater need using the none legally binding phrase ‘I express the wish...’

Tax Efficient - You may hear people tell you that a gift left to a charity in your Will is tax efficient. This is completely true. Leaving a gift to a charity will drop inheritance tax from 40% to 36% if you leave 10% to a charity. Which means more of your money will go to a place of your choosing, instead of the tax man.

For more information about leaving a gift to Jerry Green Dog Rescue in your Will, please contact Michelle on 01652 657820 or at [email protected]