Fundraising and Supporter Care Manager

What do my team appreciate about me?

They think my honesty goes a long way, I’m passionate about making money for the dogs and I am very target led. One colleague said she thinks the experience I  bring to the team is really valuable.

Another colleague has said “I appreciate your generosity in everything, you make sure things are done properly and you’re always happy to help where you can”

What’s important to me about my role at Jerry Green Dog Rescue?

I have a very caring nature and I have always tried to advocate for anyone or anything that needs support, promoting and raising funds to enhance the lives of our dogs, brings me such a sense of value and purpose. To me I think the most important thing is I am invested in our mission, I believe in our values and I am committed to my role and my team.

What are my goals/aims for the charity?

My goal for Jerry Green Dog Rescue is that I am able build Corporate Relationships and Partnerships that are mutually beneficial and sustainable. I want to build on the commitment Jerry Green Dog Rescue has to animal welfare and promote Jerry Green Dog Rescue as a source of education, experience and expertise.

Jerry Green Dog Rescue is an incredible place, the centre’s are at the heart of their communities and I hope that together we can secure a bright, happy and healthy future for JGDR and all of our dogs, supporters and adopters.


Contact Claire directly on 07921471568 or at [email protected]