Hi all 👋🏼 I’m Chris & thanks for taking the time to click on the page.

I’m going to be cycling approximately 300 miles from Stamford to Newcastle Upon Tyne on the 27/07/18 to raise funds for Jerry green dog rescue.

My dog (Bella) is from a rescue centre & my life wouldn’t be the same without her. Which is why this cause is something that presses very close to my heart.

It wasn't the best start to life for the boxer/mastiff-cross found abandoned on the streets. But, luckily for her she was found & taken in.

When she was found, she was malnourished & dehydrated. The vets suspected that she had been used to breed puppies to make money & then discarded through no fault of her own...

The rescue centre team worked hard to get her back to good health & rehomed.

Bella is now unrecognisable from the dog that she was & is now thriving in her new home with me. She really is the perfect dog & my best friend.

I can not describe how much pets can change lives and we can change theirs.

Chris Cooper