Fudge (was Budgie) was a hot favourite on our social media channels as he was absolutely gorgeous but we knew it would take a very special home to meet his needs.

Fudge was a 6-year-old Springer Spaniel who spent a total of 49 days in our Nottinghamshire teams care. His previous owner was poorly and needed a serious operation, they knew they would not be able to care for Fudge and his mother, who also lived in the family home, following their operation. Fudge’s mother was rehomed with a family friend, leaving Fudge needing support to find a new home.

Leaving his previous life behind, Fudge came to our Nottingham centre in search for a new family.

Fudge found kennel life challenging so he went on ‘Bed and Breakfast’ stays with members of the team and spent his days chilling in the main reception area of the centre. He much preferred this set up and he soon showed us what a lovely and affectionate boy he was. Once he got to know you and built a bond with you, that was it, you were his world, so understandably the team fell in love with him pretty quickly! He also loved his toys too – they were his favourite things (after people of course!)

Fudge had a lot of needs, he was timid around new people and was worried around dogs he didn’t know. The team set too and did some desensitisation work with him to reassure him that new companions (human and furry!) were not as scary as they first seemed. He made huge strides and took to the training really well.

Like with all of our dogs Fudge underwent a full health check a few days after his arrival. It was discovered that he had arthritis in his knees and would need to be on pain relief for the rest of his life. Once he started taking the medication, the team saw a huge change in Fudge and he was much happier.

Once ready, Fudge went up for rehoming on our website. As mentioned he had a lot of interest and the perfect family came along.

Fudge took to the family straight away during their Meet&Match® visits. His confidence with them grew quickly but the team knew they weren’t going to see his true personality and his cuddly side shine until he was in the home with them.

Now settled in his forever home, his new family say: “Fudge is an absolute delight to have at home, he's so well behaved, he's really loving and loyal and he brings us so much joy. We have only had him for short time now but we cannot imagine our home without him.

“We love how he has just made himself at home, he has already gotten used to his routine and has quickly started to remind us when its walkie time! Especially when he gets us up at around 6:30am every day by jumping on the bed! He is also comfortable enough now to take himself off downstairs during the night if he gets too hot too.

“Whenever we come home or wake up in the morning he wiggles his bum in excitement! He does this when we pick up his harness too as he knows he's going out for a walk. He even sits and gives his paw without asking sometimes when he's going out.

“The best thing is that he loves to snuggle up with us on the sofa. He will curl up against us and rest his head on our laps or push himself under our arms which is adorable! 

“There is not one thing we love the most about Fudge, we love everything about him. If I had to choose one thing, it would be how cute he is when he awkwardly twists his body and raises his arm up for chest tickles! 

“We are very grateful to Jerry Green Dog Rescue for giving us the chance to meet up with Fudge, and for letting us have the opportunity to give him his new forever home.”

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